Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Night Shots in Ottawa with the Fujifilm X-Pro-1

The Byward Market in Ottawa is the reveling centre on Saturday in Ottawa. The bars are filled to capacity, and so are the patrons. I went out on the street at night in the Market and shot pictures at about 11:00 p.m. with the Fujifilm X-Pro1, the native Fujinon f1.4 35mm lens and a fast Sandisk 16gb Extreme Pro SD card. With the exception of the third picture, (ISO 1000), all shots were done at a dizzying ISO 6400. For stability on the camera, I added the Thumbs Up CSEP-1S thumb rest that I bought from Rob Skeoch of The Rangefinder Store in Burlington, Ontario. For portrait format pictures, the Thumbs Up is a valuable addition to the X-Pro1 and Leica M cameras.

The auto focus was surprisingly stable and seems to be faster than usual. This little camera can take on any dark situation efficiently and promptly. Fujifilm was wise not to place the FUJI logo on the face of the camera, making it nearly invisible to the subject. Canons and Nikons are noticeable  for their logos on the pentaprism of the camera, and frankly everyone agrees that the red dot on the Leica takes away from the camera. The stealthy X-Pro1 is a handy street machine. Once the auto focus is further improved it will match any Leica. Those are tough words from a Leica addict.

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  1. Second last image, guy with blow up doll - totally cracking me up. Can't stop looking at it.
    Brilliant shot.