Monday, October 21, 2013

Bôhten Sunglasses

Bôhten sunglasses are spectacularly lovely sunglasses, the frames made out of wood. The frames are made in Africa. The company is a labour of love, developed and managed by King Osei, a dear friend of mine. Check out their website. There are many fine frames offered. King and I went on the street and photographed people wearing these remarkable sunglasses.
Gina Ree, photographer, media artist and good friend. 
I met her in front of Planet Coffee in downtown Ottawa.
She is a fascinating person who photographs circuses,
carnivals and burlesque. Check her website. You'll be
glad you did! 

Vincent Morrisette, stand up comic and a man with a truly good sense of dress. 

Even zombies like the glasses. King and I calmed down one 
with a pair of Bôhtens. Because of this, he had extra hours 
in the sunlight. 
See for more chills.

Francko Edge. Model, director, producer, friend.

The indescribably beautiful Victoria van Eyk.

Yours truly, photographed by King Osei.

Also, check out Kate Forrest's blog Suits and Stilettos. Kate is a great interviewer and art director and I always enjoy working with and for her.


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