Sunday, May 6, 2012


Old abandoned restaurant sign taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro1, Voigtlander 25mm f4 Color Skopar, and a Leica polarizer. Alfred Ontario. 6th May, 2012.

Below are shots using the X-Pro1 and its 35mm 1.4 Fuji lens, all in Alfred.

Again, the X-Pro1 shows its worth. The sharpness and contrast of the pictures are sensational from such a small camera. And for the first time on any camera, the in-camera black and white applications are filmlike. After using LAB conversion and the Gorman B&W conversion systems, it is a real treat to see images that look like real black and white film. At high ISOs during daytime the results are like soft grain 125 or 400 ISO black and white film. Again, the focusing and the post-shot lag is a real concern, but try to find a camera that gives images this clean. Period!

Check out Todd Bennett's site . First rate portraiture on his portfolio page!


  1. The Restaurant image is already on google images for Alfred, Ontario....

    1. I'll be darned! I must go back. The next town on my list is Hawkesbury, an old hideout on the Quebec/Ontario border for bikers on the run from the law. They are old now and look like Popeye with emphysema. Should be fun.