Thursday, August 29, 2013


The 1st of November 2009. Using my ol' pal's Canon XTi. It's so Vogue 1938. And in other news, Der Fuhrer has invaded the Sudetenland.

These hats belong to Ottawa photographer Geneviéve Thauvette. Check out her blog

Geneviéve Thauvette. Remember, kids...if you want to shoot digitally and want to get that Kodachrome 64 look, keep your white balance on Sunny or at 5600K, underexpose by under 1é3 of a stop, use open flash, put the sun behind you, and polarize.The XTi is fantastic at this. Oh yes...check out the weather and pick your settings well. And the subject must always wear a bright red dress, high heels and lipstick. No matter who it is, that's the recipe.

Okay...yellow. Classic Kodak colours.

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