Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Renfrew Redux

All taken in Renfrew, Ontario, 8th August, 2017. OOPS! The first picture was shot in Arnprior, Ontario.


  1. Nicely taken pictures but it will be great if you experiment more with rule of third. The focused objects/structures in your photos are normally in the center.

    1. Nicely written comment, but it would be great if you knew of my intent regarding the pictures. These are flat-on architectural pictures, much like those of Walker Evans who also photographed architecture flat-on. If I had photographed the monument using the law of thirds, the picture would have been a landscape picture with a monument in it. Instead, there is a picture where the monument, the intended subject of the picture, takes the fore. Likewise, the red bench is in the centre as it is a saturate in a pastel environment. If the bench was anywhere else in the picture, the eye would be directed to the chair with a lot of dead space around it. Centred, the pastel background bolsters the presence of the bench. In most cases here, the Opeongo Bowldrome being an obvious exception, the entrance doors are the centre points. This is the way that the brain thinks, wanting a direct route to the door. I am aware of the law of thirds. I know when to use and break the rule at will. This is an example where the rule has been deferred.